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Dates: 11 – 13 October, 2023

Adress: Moscow, Staraya Basmannaya Street, 21/4, A-307 + Zoom

Language: Russian & English  

The "Formal Philosophy" is an annual conference organized by the HSE International Laboratory for Logic, Linguistics and Formal Philosophy since 2018. In 2023, the Formal Philosophy conference will be held for the 6th time.

We are pleased to invite papers in:

  • philosophical logic
  • formal epistemology
  • formal ontology
  • philosophy of logic
  • epistemology of logic
  • formal ethics
  • other branches of formal and mathematical philosophy.

Important Dates

  • 4 October

    Submission Deadline

  • 6 October

    Notification of acceptance

  • 11 October

    The beginning of the Сonference

  • 13 October

    closing of the Conference

Abstract submission and review

Abstracts are to be submitted exclusively via the EasyChair system.

The submitted materials will undergo a double-blind review. The Programme Committee reserves the right to reject abstracts that do not fit into the scope of the conference.

Authors are asked to submit an abstract up to 1000 words. 

The program provides a poster section for students and postgraduates. If you want to take part in the poster section, please indicate this in the text of the application.

Make a submission

Programme Committee

Organizing Committee

For any further questions please contact organizing committee via llfp@hse.ru


  • Registration is open until 10 October (until 18.00 - UTC+3 )
  • Registration is required only for listeners, speakers do not need to register
  • If you register as an 'in person' participant and you are not an employee/student of HSE, an electronic pass will be ordered for you for all days of the conference
  • If you register as an online participant, we will send you a link to connect (just before the start of the conference). Please do not distribute this link and connect to the conference strictly under your own name
  • You can register both as an 'in-person' and as an online participant
  • If you are a student/HSE employee, you still ought to register
  • Registration is free (registration fee is not required)



  • 11 October


    10.00 - 10.30

    Participants' registration. Opening.

    10.30 - 11.30

    Alexander Poddiakov (HSE University), Intransitivity of Superiority as a Field of Interdisciplinary Research (Russian)

    11.30 - 12.00

    Coffee break

    12.00 - 12.30

    Louis Vervoort (HSE University), Epistemic Relativism And The Gettier Problem: Insights From Philosophy Of Science

    12.30 -13.00

    Mikhail Smirnov (Financial University, HSE, Russian Society for History and Philosophy of Science), Individuation of Events for Theory of Probabilities

    13.00 - 13.30

    Ivan MikirtumovIntentions, Decisions and Actions as Frege's Components of Thought (Russian)

    13.30 - 14.00

    Coffee break

    14.00 - 15.00

    Evgeny Borisov (Institute of Philosophy and Law of the Siberian Branch of the RAS), Indira Mukhametshina (TSU), Modal Logic with Possibilist Quantifiers (Russian)

    15.00 - 16.00


    16.00 - 18.00

    Roundtable "Logic, Linguistics and Psychology of Reasoning" (Russian)

    18.00 – 18.15


    18.15 — 18.45

    Olga Shapiro (NWIM PANERA), Conceptual Worldview as a Basis of an Era Thinking Style (Russian)

    18.45 — 19.15

    Vladimir Stepanov (DCC FIC CSC RAS), Suszko's Thesis for the Logic of Self-Referential Sentences (Russian)

  • 12 October


    11.00 - 12.00

    Sergei Kusnetsov (HSE University), Concepts, Taxonomies and Data Dependency (Russian)

    12.00 - 12.30

    Coffee break

    12.30 - 13.00

    Daniel Tiskin (HSE, Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University), Reflexivity, De Re and Equivalence

    13.00 - 13.30

    Ivan Sobolev (HSE University), Criteria for distinguishing conventional implicatures and presuppositions (Russian)

    13.30 -14.00

    Coffee break

    14.00 -15.00

    Elia Zardini (Complutense University of Madrid, HSE), Ápeiron

    15.00 - 15.30

    Kobina Oduro Korankye (The University of Georgia), Private Language By Accident: Implications of Wittgenstein’s Private Language Argument on an Accidentally Private Language

    15.30 - 16.30


    16.30 - 17.00

    Konstantin Frolov (HSE University), On the Building of Molecular Arguments in Abstract Argumentation Frameworks (Russian)

    17.00 - 17.30

    Victoria Denisova (SPBU), Employment of Conditionals and Counterfactuals in Human Reasoning (Russian)

    17.30 - 18.00

    Poster section I

    18.00 - 19.00

    Itala D'Ottaviano (Unicamp), Charles Peirce's 'Three-valued Logic'

  • 13 October


    10.00 - 10.30

    Fabien Schang, (Lycée Alfred Mézières, Longwy), Internal Negations as Span Operators

    10.30 - 11.30

    Stanislav Speranski (Steklov Mathematical Institute), A Carnapian framework for reasoning about arbitrary natural numbers (joint work with Leon Horsten)

    11.30 - 12.15

    Coffee break  / Poster section II

    12.15 - 12.30

    Vyacheslav Pyatakov (HSE University), Embedding of non-classical logics into predicate logic (Russian)

    12.30 - 13.00

    Anna Moiseeva (HSE University), Topic-sensitive epistemic logic EUL (Russian)

    13.00 - 13. 30

    Denis Fedyanin (HSE), Reasoning Games in Social Context

    13.30 - 14.00

    Coffee break

    14.00 - 14.30

    Vladimir Vasyukov (Institute of Philosophy of the RAS, HSE University), Formal (Post-)Fenomenology (Russian)

    14.30 - 15. 00

    Anastasiia Onoprienko (MSU, HSE University), Translation of intuitionistic epistemic logic into bimodal logic of provability and confidence (Russian)

    15.00 - 16.00


    16.00 - 16.30

    Alex Belikov (MSU), Remarks on Farrell’s implication (Russian)


    Alex Shkotin (ACM ICS), Theory framework - knowledge hub. message #1 (Russian)


    Arnold Grigoryan (HSE), Intensionality in Homotopy Type Theory


    Kelvin King Fung (Toronto Metropolitan University), Possibility of a Coherent Future Semantics Under an Aristotelian Framework



  • Programme of the roundtable "Logic, Linguistics and Psychology of Reasoning"

    • Angelina Bobrova (HSE University), Analysis of Ordinary Reasoning in Psychology of Reasoning and Logic
    • Natalia Zevakhina (HSE University), Diversity of Presuppositions: Soft and Hard Triggers in Syntactically (In)dependent Contexts
    • Daria Popova (HSE University), Variation of Implications in Contexts With Propositional Verbs
    • Elena Lisanyuk (SPBU, HSE University), Frege's Triad, Logical Aliens and Cognitive Therapy of Depression
    • Vitaliy Dolgorukov (HSE University), Logical Models in Psychology of Reasoning

    This roundtable is organised as a part of the research project # 23-18-0069500695 supported by RSF and entitled “Logical and Cognitive Approach to Reasoning: Modeling the Interplay between the Normative and the Descriptive”.

  • Programme of the poster section

    Poster section I:

    • Anna Ovchinnikova (HSE University), De Re and De Dicto Knowledge in Egocentric Setting
    • Igor Zaitsev (РГГУ), Subordinate Natural Deduction Calculus for Basic Intuitionistic Conditional Logic and its Extensions

    Poster section II:

    • Vladislav Aksiotis, Elena Popova (HSE University), The Role of the Premises Order in Conditional Reasoning
    • Irina Nikitina (HSE University), Alternate Possibilities and Formal Systems of Moral Responsibility
    • Georgiy Filatov (HSE Universities), L. Wittgenstein: Realistic Spirit of (Anti-)Realist Philosophy
    • Nikita Churakov (HSE University), The complexity of computing Nash Equilibrium in Boolean Games